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Would a Process Summary Help?

Some business processes can be rather detailed, can't they?

They may be written, or flow charted, and extend for pages.

The question I often ask myself, when working on my client's projects, is 'do people actually understand them?'

When I have my doubts I like to draw up a quick map, graph, or flow chart (or any other kind of image that lends itself) to highlight some of the key points and relationships between the process and the 'real world'.

When I present my summary I can tell by the looks on people's faces whether they understand the process or not. Armed with this feedback I can then tailor my approach to coaching them through the actions they need to take.

Results are what we are striving for, and as I have been stuck in the past with people telling me that 'they get it' when they really don't I thought I would share this approach with you.

I used it again today. It helped to make the necessary point about managing the process in question and I did spot one or two people who might need an extra helping hand!

Giles Johnston
Author of Business Process Re-Engineering