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Continuous Improvement - Bring Out The List!

I was grumbled at today for bringing out my trusty list.

Do you use a list?

I use them all the time; there is too much to remember otherwise!

One of my favourite reasons for using a list however is to capture the amazing range of improvement ideas that float around my client's businesses.

Often we can get hung up on thinking that continuous improvement projects need to be larger pieces of work that require a team to be formed and can't be anything else.

I keep my lists because sometimes a remark from a meeting is an improvement waiting to happen. I keep the lists so I don't forget, can remind my clients about their opportunities and to ensure that we get the results that we want for the business.

So, keep a list of potential improvements (however small they are) and work them into your normal working day.

And, if your colleagues groan when you turn up in their office with your list (to cajole them into action!) remember that the results in your business will thank you longer term.

Giles Johnston
Author of 'Effective Continuous Improvement'