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Don't kid yourself about your production losses

Another day, and another conversation about production losses.

Why are they ignored so often?

I do wonder if there is a lack of wanting to face the truth about the inefficiency of businesses that makes this the case.

Production losses are a fact of life. Hopefully we recognise our losses and do something about it; root cause problem solving comes to the fore of my mind when I think of losses.

As I spend a lot of my time helping businesses with scheduling issues, losses are of paramount importance to me as the size of the losses affects the schedule. Put simply, if you employ someone for forty hours per week it is unlikely that you will get forty hours of production as a result.

No business is perfect, but if you don't realise this and plan ahead as if it were you will end up with unrealistic schedules.

What are your production losses?

If you find out, you can then do something about them.

Giles Johnston
Author of Business Process Re-Engineering