Tuesday, 14 July 2015

What happens after the improvement project?

I had a really good meeting with a client the other day about their 'Sunrise Meeting', a short daily meeting to help drive productivity and effectiveness in the workplace.

They looked at me sheepishly and told me that they had changed it.

'Great!' I replied.

Isn't this the great bit about continuous improvement? It's continuous!

My client had taken the 'Sunrise Meeting' format and found that they could improve the performance of the business, and their productivity, by using a free smartphone app to facilitate the meeting.

The original principles of the 'Sunrise Meeting' were still in place; the standard process driven questions and the time of the 'meeting'. The change had been to take it from a physical meeting to a virtual one.

In my book that is continuous improvement in action and the result my client experienced spoke for itself.

That's what happens after the improvement project has formally finished, it gets better.

What do you do after your projects have finished?

Giles Johnston
Author of Sunrise Meetings

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