Monday, 31 August 2015

Can using standard agendas improve business processes?

Do you like meetings?

I used to hate meetings; I refused to go to them if they didn't have agendas (and then my bosses would tell me that I had to go anyway!).

I thought most of them were pointless.

What happens when there are no actions?

Were they just for wasting time?

And then it happened...

I discovered, like many people, the simplicity and effectiveness of standardised meetings.

So, when I had to run my own meetings I could take advantage of this approach.

People say "standardised meetings are boring" and so they don't do them.

Other people say "standardised meetings get results" and they develop both the meeting format and the people attending, and they get the results they want for their business.

I can see the difference between the businesses that embrace short, standardised, process driven meetings and those that don't.

I see the businesses that do take this approach to fully engage with their business processes, encouraging their staff to become accountable and they make progress.

I see the businesses that don't take this approach making the same mistakes time and time again, and they go round in circles a lot of the time.

What kind of business are you in?

Giles Johnston
Author of Business Process Re-Engineering

A simple guide to developing effective standardised meetings for your business.
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