Thursday, 27 August 2015

Is it good enough to go?

Pressing the 'launch' button, on many things in life, can make us draw back with hesitation.

Will the improvement work?

Will our clients like the newsletter?

How will the team respond to the suggestion?

It is natural to have this hesitation, I don't know of anyone who genuinely enjoys criticism.

However, this same feeling can paralyse us from taking action.

If you find this happening to you then try one of these two suggestions:

  1. Get someone else to have a quick look over what you are doing, and get them to press the 'launch' button.
  2. Agree at the outset what good looks like, and then base your decision to launch on that criteria.
The fact is that we will never know exactly what the response is going to be ahead of time, especially if they are business improvement orientated actions.

Hopefully the thinking we have done upfront will increase the chances of us getting a great response, but let us not get stuck by not having guarantees.

Go on, press the button!

Giles Johnston
Creator of the 'Making It Happen' online programme

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