Friday, 7 August 2015

Prioritise, Ice, and Focus!

Are there too many projects in your working life to deal with?

Whilst having an abundance of improvement projects can be a good thing, a lack of focus isn't.

The three words prioritise, ice and focus can help resolve this situation when progress isn't being made.

We need to prioritise our projects. We need to be clear on what is going to give us the best results for the least amount of effort, and consider the timing for the project.

Once we are clear on our priorities we can then put the other opportunities on ice. We need to make sure that we can pick them up at a later date and not lose the ideas.

Finally, we need to focus on our selected project. The one project that can have our attention and that we can see through to completion. Make it visible, integrate it with your management meetings, do whatever it takes to get it on the business' agenda and get participation.

When we have too many opportunities to chase after it can become confusing. If you find yourself in this situation then try the 'Prioritise, Ice and Focus' approach and see if your results dramatically improve.

One project, at a time, done correctly is a great strategy for making change happen.

Giles Johnston
Author of Business Process Re-Engineering

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