Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Do you control your business experiments?

Many people in your business will have great ideas to help improve the business.

Encouraging them to take their ideas forward is a great approach, and one that I believe that we should all embrace.


If your business has any degree of complexity you need to control how these changes take place.

That means taking a few things into account:

  • What do we think the results will be?
  • Will this have a knock on effect with anything else that we are currently doing?
  • What effort / time / resource will this require?
  • When will the 'experiment' take place?
  • How will we judge the results?
  • What options will we use at the end of the experiment to determine our next steps?
Asking these few basic questions before you dive into an experiment for your business can make a big difference to the way your business improves and grows.

Giles Johnston
Creator of the 'Making It Happen' online course for discovering change management strategies.

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