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Do you keep adding value to lemons?

We all know intuitively that we shouldn't try and add value to something that is broken.

We know that we should get the person who broke the item to fix it before we carry on.

They learn a lesson and we maximise our contribution...

So why do we accept this so much in business?

Why do we accept defective items and carry on trying to manufacture them, only to see them go on the scrap heap?

Why do we not question others and carry on with projects that are unclear?

Why do we 'make do and mend' when we know that stopping and sorting things out would make us more productive in the long run?

Oh... so we know that we should do this...

Ok, over to you. Let's make these changes and see what happens in our businesses.

Giles Johnston
Creator of the 'Making It Happen' online course for discovering change management strategies.