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Are you curious about your processes?

Whilst our formal business processes seldom change, our real life business processes can have a tendency to drift...

...what we understood about our processes when we documented them might not be the case today.

Do you know if there is a gap in your business between what should happen and what actually does happen?
Here are some issues that can cause a gap:

  • Changes in staff.
  • Inadequate induction process.
  • Misunderstandings within the business.
  • Ambiguity in the documented processes.
  • The documented processes being detached from day to day working.
  • Technology changes.
  • Continuous improvement not concluding with updating documentation.
Apart from designing your business to handle the above issues, being curious about your processes is a good way to periodically dip in and 'audit' what is going on.

We're all busy, but taking a few minutes to learn if what is happening is the same as what should be happening is a great investment in time.

Worst case: you find out that everything is OK.

Best case: you learn something about your business and you gain an opportunity to improve how it works.

Are you curious about your business' processes?

Giles Johnston
Author of Business Process Re-Engineering and creator of the 'Making It Happen' online course for improving continuous improvement skills.