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At some point you need to trust your MRP system!

I was talking to a business the other day that had a good MRP system in place within their very large business.

But, they weren't truly using it!

They had set up most of the parameters, and the system was certainly working as expected, but they still weren't using it the way they should.

They didn't trust it!

There often comes a point, when developing how your MRP system works, that you need to let go of the old ways of working. Stopping the use of work around spreadsheets and putting your focus into making the system work the way it should.

If you have done your homework then you should find that all you need to be doing is tweaking the system.

It might test your nerves, but if you work backwards from your final 'output' (i.e. what you despatch to your customers) then you can take this journey step by step.

After all, you didn't buy your MRP system to do more work!

Giles Johnston
Author of Business Process Re-Engineering and creator of the 'Making It Happen' online course for discovering simple change management strategies.

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