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Why do we put up with poor systems and processes?

Our business processes and systems drive our business.

Occasionally talent will out perform processes, in the short term...

So why do so many of us put up with poor systems and processes in our businesses?
From speaking to numerous clients over the years I think that people feel as though they are stuck on a treadmill, they can't stop to make things better because of the volume of work coming through.

If this rings a bell with you let me share two points that often changes this perspective:

  1. It often takes only a minor tweak to a business process to make it perform radically differently.
  2. If you were on holiday the business probably would still manage to perform, so a small time out from you day to figure what the minor tweaks are becomes a practical strategy.

You probably know what some of these minor tweaks are already.

We put up with poor ways of working because we think we are too busy to do something different.

Why not take a five minute break from your work today and list out some of the minor tweaks you would make to your processes?

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Giles Johnston
Author of Business Process Re-Engineering and creator of the 'Making It Happen' online course for improving continuous improvement skills.