Monday, 8 May 2017

The "It Won't Work, But This Will" Strategy

On my travels I hear the phrase "it won't work" an awful lot.

Do you hear it too?

So many good improvement ideas are lost to this statement.

How about this for a spin on things...

Tell your team that they can only use that phrase if they finish off the sentence, with an option.

Don't let them off the hook. They tell you what won't work and then what will.

It can make a real difference; it is too easy to use the phrase "it won't work" and not suggest an alternative.

Let's see if you can accelerate the rate of positive change taking place in your business by adopting this strategy.

What do you think? Are you game to give it a try?


About the author

Giles Johnston is a Chartered Engineer who specialises in helping businesses to grow and improve through better business processes.

Giles is also the author of Business Process Re-Engineering and creator of the 'Making It Happen' continuous improvement toolkit.

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