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If the process is broken... fix it!

I had a really pleasing conversation yesterday with a client's member of staff. A process that had been in the business for years (that was poorly adhered to anyway) was proving to be cumbersome for the job that it was designed for. Despite the process having been in place long before I appeared in their business it had become perceived as something that I had created. It wasn't causing a problem to the business, and it had never made it (thus far) to the top of my list of priorities for my client. The member of staff approached me cautiously and asked a few questions about the process.

Free 'Kamishibai Boards' e-Book on Amazon Kindle

If you haven't read my book 'Kamishibai Boards' yet, it is free to download for the Amazon Kindle (and the free reading app) today and tomorrow (29th and 30th of July 2015). Here's the link - Giles Johnston Author of Business Process Re-Engineering

Visual Management Can Be Simple

I've just got back from holiday with my family and enjoyed a simple example of visual management in practice whilst away. We went on a boat trip where there were a few options on what route / trip you could take. When we got on the boat my family got a blue sticker attached to our t-shirts.

What happens after the improvement project?

I had a really good meeting with a client the other day about their ' Sunrise Meeting ', a short daily meeting to help drive productivity and effectiveness in the workplace. They looked at me sheepishly and told me that they had changed it. 'Great!' I replied.

Learning from past improvement projects

There are many good books on project management available. Sometimes we take the time to read them, and sometimes (even better) we learn how to improve our effectiveness at delivering projects. But what about the learning you get from your experience?

Productivity: Do Your Team Put Up With The Status Quo?

There was an online article published yesterday about a drop in UK productivity (you can see it here: ). This reminded me of a project I have just recently finished where productivity was at the core of the work carried out. The team I was working with were all hard working. They were skilled at their jobs, but they had come to live with many inadequacies that robbed them of the high levels of productivity that they were capable of.