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Full StreamLiner instructions now available via SlideShare

If you want to find out more about how the StreamLiner ( continuous improvement project management ) software works, please review the full user guide linked below.

Collaborate on Lean improvements by using Google Drive with StreamLiner

Did you know that you can collaborate with your colleagues using the Google Drive service, with StreamLiner, for your lean improvement projects? If you work remotely, or use the Google Drive service already, you can configure your copy of StreamLiner to be accessible to all of your continuous improvement team. Read this article to find out how .

How much money does 'non-physical re-work' cost your business?

We can spot physical re-work activities really easily within our businesses. The piles of physical stock being re-machined, the concrete being re-laid, the reports being re-printed. The non-physical stuff is harder to spot however. The costs associated often go unnoticed and we just assume that our teams are working as effectively as they possibly could be. But what if we could see them? There are three common places that I see these difficult to see re-works taking place:

Making It Happen - full course outline now available

I have just uploaded a revised course outline for the my Making It Happen  online course. The course is designed to improve an individual's continuous improvement skills, whilst also improving the performance of their business. It works really well as a team training framework and provides a structured year of continuous improvement.

When scheduling breaks down and late deliveries arise!

Scheduling is a skill for many people, an effective schedule can make a big difference as to whether a project is delivered on time, or not. I have noticed a very basic mistake that gets made with scheduling that I want to share in this post. Do you make this same mistake?

The StreamLiner instructional videos

After receiving a number of enquiries about the StreamLiner overview videos I have now pulled them all onto one webpage -  which you can see here .

How many continuous improvement projects can you handle at once?

When we get motivated by the process of change and start finding continuous improvement opportunities for our business it can actually become a challenge to make progress. The temptation for many is to start a wide range of projects because we want all of the potential benefits today... right now! But, in these situations, we can prevent making progress by diffusing our focus. If you are currently in this position, how can you start to see some progress very quickly?

Does your team work like a high performing team?

There is a lot written about high performing teams . Understandably this is an important topic; if your team works well then you can achieve more than with just the individuals put together. Do your teams work like a team, or are they just a collection of people who are called a team?

Using the CCC approach to increase engagement with your staff

There are a lot of fears around continuous improvement (CI) that we, as managers, need to alleviate if we want full engagement from our teams. One of the main fears that I come across is that of people feeling as though their ideas won't be good enough. Worse than this is the fear of not being able to contribute to the continuous improvement process because they think they are unable to convert their issues into tangible improvement ideas. Read more...

CI strategy - pretending to be on holiday

Do you have plenty of time to spend on completing your improvement projects ? Unless continuous improvement is your full time job it is unlikely that you would answer 'yes' to that question. So, if you answered 'no', how about you take a holiday instead?

How do you define 'complete' for your projects and production activities?

At first glance you might be thinking that this is an obvious question to answer for your business. Over the years I have come to realise that many people try to tick things off their 'to do' list early, just to get the feeling of achievement from having them ticked off. I see the same effect taking place when businesses report internally (and even externally, in some cases) on the progress of projects and production.

Don't worry if your improvement projects feel like they're going round in circles!

Do you have those days when you feel that your improvement projects are going round in circles? Do you know the sort of days I mean? The ones where you are no longer sure that what you are doing is taking you to where you want to go? The ones where you start wondering if you will achieve the goal for your project... If you feel like this I have a suggestion.

Do you need 'special' KPIs in your business?

How do you measure your business processes? Do you have a good feel for how well things are going, or does your experience tell you something else?

Make big strides with your continual improvements, by going backwards

How many times have you wondered what the tasks need to be in your improvement plan? You know what you want, but you just aren't quite sure what the actions need to be. I have a simple suggestion.

Can you improve your on time delivery performance with four emails?

Did you know that if you subscribe to my monthly emails that you get more than just a copy of my on time delivery improvement guide You're Late ?