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What would happen if you focused on your top Continuous Improvement priority every day?

There are some things that would make a real difference to your business if you could just get them done, aren’t there? For most of us there are a handful of improvement projects that can help us get the results we are looking for in our business. There might be twenty opportunities, but only a few of them will make a significant difference to our current working practices. Our day to day workloads, demands from customers and suppliers, colleagues and managers can really deflect our focus away from these continuous improvement objectives. The day to day stuff is really important, and I am not suggesting that you start to avoid those tasks, but what would the rewards be if you could get your improvement projects fully implemented? There is usually a time saving resulting from improvements. This time saving can be re-invested to work on the next project, but only if you keep the focus on the project in the first place. So, how can you go about doing this? Here are two practical su

The OTIF Improvement System is here

Over the last couple of months I have been working to update and improve my on time delivery system (you may have seen earlier incarnations - including the OTIF Improvement Course). The revised system has been expanded to include more templates, continuous improvement suggestions and ideas to expand the system and help you quickly realise the benefits of simpler and more efficient on time delivery performance. The system now comes with a 30 day email program to coach and guide you through the implementation of the system into your business. All of the original management structure and meeting formats are still in the system. This is the same system I share with my clients as they take the 'blood, sweat and tears' out of their own on time delivery improvement journey. The system is priced at $129.00 (USD), but to celebrate the launch I am offering you the system for only $50.00. To get your copy of The OTIF Improvement System at this reduced price please use the discoun