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Have you got the right improvement behaviours in your business?

I have heard many business owners over the year complain that change is pitiful within their business. Is this how you feel? I have seen this many times before; that the wrong behaviours get reinforced within these businesses. Their culture simply isn't helping. So, how do you change a culture like this? There are many books written on the topic of culture and changing cultures, but let me offer some of my observations. Getting better is OK Standing still isn't great. Reaching perfection is unlikely. Gaining confidence is great. So why not take some pressure off yourselves and realise that moving in the right direction is good enough at the start of a culture change? Great solutions can be developed by learning There can be so much pressure on people to come up with good improvement ideas. If they aren't used to generating them, this can be a difficult exercise and a lack of confidence doesn't help. Talking with others (especially the boss), without expectation, and gai

The Effective Routine is now available

I am pleased to announce that my latest product, The Effective Routine , is now available. One of the issues I see with many businesses is the lack of formal routine that they employ. Whilst this doesn't sound too bad, it can lead to: Poor habits. Unnecessary reworking of previous activities. Re-starting initiatives every few weeks (until you give up). Missing key tasks and not noticing until a crisis appears. Slowing the growth of your business due to diverted resources (from dealing with the above). Businesses that do deploy some kind of routine often fail to extend the idea fully. The Effective Routine  offers ideas on this to stretch your thinking so that you can maximise this approach. And, importantly, this guide and toolkit offer strategies to successfully deploy your routine as well as sustain the system you develop. To get hold of your copy of The Effective Routine , just use the button below. 0,The Effective Routine This 39 page PDF guide also includes 6 worksheets and to