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Why you need to push for the root cause

I see how many businesses handle their end of project reviews, or their non-conformance reports. I see how they try to skip along the process, trying to get back to what they were doing in the first place. For some of these businesses, what they were doing before is how they got into the bother they are looking at presently... so why go back to it? The root cause is important. It help organisations of all shapes and forms to improve. But only if you get to the root cause. The root cause is the aha moment, the point when you realise that the change is in your power to resolve. When you fail to dig down to the right level, you are left with vague conclusions. You aren't left with the clarity of a root cause realisation. You don't have a clear set of steps you can take. This is the power of the root cause and I urge you to embrace it if you aren't doing so presently. Available on Kindle and Paperback A few years ago I wrote a book on getting the most out of the 5 Why techniqu