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7 Ways to Speed up Continuous Improvement

All the business leaders that I speak to want continuous improvement to happen quickly . The opposite is what usually happens, so what is going wrong? Getting the recipe right for your business might take some time, but here are seven tips that you can apply to your business quickly today to make a notable difference. The list isn’t exhaustive but will give you some practical actions you can share with your colleagues. 1. Make the plans visible A lot of businesses will keep their walls clear and their improvement action plans on their computers. It looks neat and tidy, and I understand why people do it, but having the plans in people’s faces makes a huge difference. The more often you see the plans the more likely you are to talk about them and the more likely it is that you will do something about it. Whether you choose to use a big screen, a whiteboard or a print out it does not matter. Keep the plans visible and in ‘harm’s way’ of being looked at. 2. Talk ab

Do your team really know what they should be doing?

I have had numerous conversations with  numerous businesses over the past month about under performance within their business' processes. They haven't been achieving the results that they had hoped for and don't seem to be too happy about what their staff have been up to. It was pretty much the same conversation repeated for each business I spoke with. When I responded to these businesses I asked them about the clarity their team had about their roles. I was interested to find out what each individual business leader had done to make sure that the requirements of their processes, the business' needs and their own requirements had been passed on effectively. Having clear expectations in terms of activity, performance and deliverables is key to ensuring that your processes are being executed in the most effective manner. Well executed processes usually lead to good results if the process has been designed to be effective and efficient. If you spell out exactly how yo