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Great information with low effort

Information that can help an organisation needs to flow through the business. In many cases this consideration, or the effort to produce the information, stops the information from flowing. The information does not need to be excessive. If you ask the members of your business what information needs to be produced you will often find that the requirements are refreshingly light. There are usually easy and low (or no) cost ways of getting the information out. Ask around there is usually something you can piggy back to help the information flow. Don’t spend too much time on the documentation. However you get the information out this is disposable, for internal use only. Quick and effective is order of the day. Creating a standard format to provide consistency is a good idea to help this information to both cascade properly and look acceptable. Find out what information can help oil the wheels in your business, it can reduce the level of unhelpful rumours and also improve productiv

Define the standard

When a task needs to be performed in a business it is straightforward to write a standard operating procedure and then hope that the results obtained are the ones you want. One way to improve this haphazard approach to results is to define the standard expected of the result. If you define the attributes of the result you can give people a far clearer picture to work with, this can help them to achieve your vision of the result more consistently. Explain which areas need to be rigid, and allow the other areas to include flexibility. The parts that are vital and really shape the result needs to be rigid, whilst the other areas can be done in a style that suits the individual. For example, if your business has a sign-off sheet that needs to include a signature, explain that it will not be accepted if there is no signature on the sheet. Be flexible as to what colour pen the signature is in - the important thing is that the sheet is signed. Maintain and measure the standard on a regu

Get close to the point of origin

Sometimes things just need to happen as quickly as possible to the point at which it occurred. When actions are delayed from this point a lack of detail can occur that can make a big difference to the outcome. For example if you have a meeting and need to agree the actions do it at the meeting, if you wait a day then you won’t remember the same amount of detail that you would have done yesterday – the oomph will have gone. If notes need to be written up then doing them as soon as possible after the event is key as clarity and accuracy decays quickly as time passes. Decisions made too long after the need to make the decision can skew the choice made, being able to make effective relevant immediate decisions is a great skill. In many instances closing out actions, making decisions and capturing information as close to the point of origin is a great business benefit. Is this worth reflecting upon in your business? Smartspeed Consulting Limited Deliver on Time with Smartspeed

Experiment, iterate and enjoy!

Many people get hung up on 'getting it right first time'. This is a good motto in many instances. For example, 'right first time' is a great way to be when you are visible to your clients, or if you are repeating a process of some sort and getting wrong has significant cost implications. However, when we are trying to find a new solution, focussing on getting the result right the first time can result in people not trying new things. We need to be willing to experiment, and to tweak the approach until we get it right. If you can show your team and your staff that 'not right first time' is a pre-cursor to getting better results, you can lead them into more productive and innovative ways of working. Using small scale pilots for testing out new ideas and approaches in the workplace is low risk and a way of making effective changes happen. Experiment with the way that your business works so that you can make it even better. Smartspeed Consulting Limi