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The return of checklists

When we sit back in our chair in the office and review what has been taking place during the day we sometimes find ourselves wondering how much better we could have done things – don’t we? One of the tried and tested ways to make the working day more effective and more efficient is the use of checklists. Whilst we have probably realised this for ourselves the issue of concern is how we (and our colleagues) stop following the checklists so easily – how do we make checklists that stick? The simple answer is to create more effective and more meaningful checklists than we had previously. If you recall the continuous improvement cycle you can see how this fits in – we tried it one way and it didn’t work – so let’s try it a bit differently. If you start with areas of your organisation that keep failing you will be able to create checklists that may be warmly greeted. If it helps people to reduce their running around and reduce hassle from customers then there may well be an inc

USPs? Is this service design?

There is a lot of talk (constantly) about what is your USP. This is an important marketing concept about the uniqueness of your service offering, but an observation is that most businesses state what is currently the most unique thing about them. What about the service as it could be? What about the niggles that people face when engaging with your type of service? Could a revised approach to how you deliver your service set you apart from the competition? What could be your USP? Can you engineer a new way of delivering your service and become even more unique? Smartspeed Consulting Limited 'For When Results Matter'