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Write your actions down!

Get your copy from Amazon today I sat in my last management meeting yesterday for the year. They experienced a problem that many businesses have. The problem has nothing to do with the specifics of their business or their sector. It is a personal productivity issue . Most of their staff, during their meetings, don't write their actions down... Do your team do the same? Or, have they learned the art of capturing their tasks in writing and then working on them? None of this is rocket science, but it makes a massive difference to the results in most cases. I nagged my client's staff yesterday. I refused to start the meeting until everyone had something to write with and something to write on. We even captured an action log for the meeting, to refer to next time we meet. I know... outrageous cutting edge stuff! And here is my prediction. The chances of the team closing out their tasks will be higher. The chances of us closing down the issue they are workin