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The Effective Office: Increased Productivity, Less Chaos and a Simpler Working Life!

The Effective Office is a short guide written by an experienced business consultant to help you improve the productivity and effectiveness of your office. In eight chapters this book takes you through ways to get more done in less time, how to get your office team on track with the right tasks every day and how to conquer your recurring administrative problems once and for all. Aimed at the office manager who wants to make their team’s performance even better this step by step guide provides you with a list of action steps at the end of each section of the book, making your implementation of this information even easier. Click here to view on Smartspeed Consulting Limited Taking the frustration out of on time delivery.

What is your ‘second gear’ for delivering on time?

As the year draws to a close there are many businesses who are in the middle of their peak load, particularly in the food and drink sector. Now whilst I am sure that your business is not slowing down in preparation for Christmas it can still be worthwhile considering how other businesses change gear in order to maintain their on time delivery performance. Most businesses have specific challenges to overcome regarding their ability to deliver. Some are expected and some are unexpected. The difference between the businesses who cope well during changing situations and the ones who suffer seems to boil down to two main things; visibility and levers. Firstly the businesses who cope better with the bumps and troubles of business usually have a better visibility going forwards. This doesn't mean that they necessarily can see what is going to happen, but that they look forwards on a regular basis and determine if they need to change course or stay as they are. Secondly,

If you want to improve.... focus

If you want to make a significant improvement in how your business works then you may need to focus more. There are so many things that don't happen in businesses because the right level of focus is not on them for a long enough period of time. If you want to drive up your on time delivery performance then it needs to find its way into your daily conversations and be given enough time, resources, work and discussion to make a tangible improvement. If your customer service isn't up to scratch then it needs to become centre stage until a meaningful change has taken hold. Often we look to improve a facet of our business and we talk about it and take some action, but not enough action over a period of time to make the change take hold and stick. If you find this happening in your business then remember the common phrase 'do less better' and pick one improvement area and stay with it until you have made a real difference. Giles