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If it's broken, please improve it!

I visited a client last week and asked to join their production meeting. It turned out that the meeting had been cancelled. After a little probing I found out that the meeting wasn't satisfying the owner's requirements. Available from Amazon So, here's the question.... Could it have been repaired? The meeting was broken, but it was there for a reason. It had a purpose and it added value to the business. The owner acknowledged this. Pressures are on everyone at the moment, but dumping the meeting rather than fixing it? A question I ask all my clients is ' what does good look like? '. We debated this, my client and I. There were clearly a lot of good things that this meeting did. There were a handful of things this meeting didn't do. So, what did good look like? Quickly we were able to define some clearer guidance for the attendees. They now all know what they need to bring to their meeting and what responses need to be prepared in advance. My client even embraced