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There might be several improvement options you have missed…

I was in a meeting today where the topic of options came up for a restructure of a business unit. These sorts of topics don ’ t normally come my way, but the nature of the conversation was the bit that piqued my interest. It was clear that there was already an option on the table, and because of this option every other alternative was being ignored. In many cases, the other options usually contain good, or better, results than the one being discussed. Getting stuck with the first option that comes your way is not often a great strategy. Being stuck with just one option can limit the results that can be obtained. What if the ideas of the rest of the team members could be mixed up to produce new ideas? It is often the partial ideas of others that can allow a new and improved solution to be stitched together. I recall working with a group of apprentices and their ‘ half-baked ’ solutions (as their former manager called them) were able to be linked and this resulted in a quadrupling

New material added to the Making It Happen programme

Nine new modules have been added to the Making It Happen programme, my online course sharing straightforward and effective continual improvement strategies and approaches. The really good news is that have all been added to the free month section of the programme! (You can find out more about the Making It Happen programme at ) This means that the free month of the programme now includes: On day one you get access to the  Productivity Boost  modules: The End of a Process A quick review of your main business processes’ effectiveness by focusing on the last step in the process. Hour of Pain An effective strategy to buy some time to help you with your improvements. Measuring Your Productivity If you don’t know where you are now, how will you know when your projects have made a proper contribution to your business? Personal Losses If you don’t know where your time gets sucked away to you will be less effective