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Are you curious about your processes?

Whilst our formal business processes seldom change, our real life business processes can have a tendency to drift... ...what we understood about our processes when we documented them might not be the case today. Do you know if there is a gap in your business between what should happen and what actually does happen?

Creating an effective OTIF improvement plan

One of the main reasons people visit this blog is to get ideas on how to improve the on time delivery performance of their business. OTIF ( On Time In Full ) is one of the best metrics there is to evaluate a business' ability to meet the promises it makes to its customers. How can I help you create an effective plan via this blog?

Why do we put up with poor systems and processes?

Our business processes and systems drive our business. Occasionally talent will out perform processes, in the short term... So why do so many of us put up with poor systems and processes in our businesses?

Hit it until you hit (or, use PDCA!)

I like the phrase 'hit it until you hit it'. It sits well in my mind about the practical usage of the PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check and Act). Our improvements rarely work out the first time around and this mantra reminds me of this. What approach do you use?

Structuring your improvement team for increased effectiveness

Many businesses have continuous improvement teams set up. They are without hierarchy and free to organise themselves. In many cases they work extremely well. On the other hand, these teams sometimes fail to generate the results that people expect. What do you do when the results aren't forthcoming?

Are improvements stunted because we tolerate too much?

It's amazing just how much people will put up within a business. The wrong tools, the wrong process, unclear instructions... what can become normal is fascinating. Let me give you an example from the back end of last year.

At some point you need to trust your MRP system!

I was talking to a business the other day that had a good MRP system in place within their very large business. But, they weren't truly using it! They had set up most of the parameters, and the system was certainly working as expected, but they still weren't using it the way they should. They didn't trust it!