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Get my new book for free today - Effective Root Cause Analysis

I'm pleased to announce that my new book is now available on Amazon . Even better - it is free to download on Kindle from the 18th of November until the end of the 20th of November . My reason for writing this book was the lack of results I see businesses get with root cause analysis methods. The thrust of this book covers two main areas: 1. How to better use root cause analysis methods to solve your business problems more effectively (in one go). 2. How to extend the root cause questions to get maximum impact for your business. I put a 'warning' at the start of the book as it focuses heavily on personal responsibility. I don't think this slant on personal responsibility and improving control at all levels of a business will bother any of my email readers. I know, however, that some people don't like to look in the mirror when it comes to business problems. To download your free copy of Effective Root Cause Analysis click on one of these links.

What to do when real life doesn't line up with your continuous improvement plans

How many times have you tried to make an improvement in your business and watch it come to nothing? For many of us real life doesn't resemble our plans. One of the common issues I see is that the way that we want a task to be organised on paper is difficult in reality. The frequent result from this situation is that the improvement grinds to a halt. So, how do you overcome this situation? Firstly, accepting that this is quite normal is a good place to start. When you move from 2D (paper) to 3D (reality) the translation might not always be perfect. Secondly, be willing to learn from your experiences. Embracing the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check and Act) cycle is a good strategy here. Over time you will become more effective at deploying change, if you learn from your earlier experiences . Thirdly, approach your improvement from the principles you are trying to deploy. Let me give you an example here to underline this point. Get your copy from Amazon today I sat in on a clie